Kroger eSchedule for Employee/Associates

Kroger Company has set up an employee login portal to let all their associates’ access to official information online. Kroger Associates can check their work Kroger eschedule, assigned tasks at ess Kroger (Greatpeople me) portal. (ess Kroger) portal is meant for Kroger Employees, random users won’t be able to access the portal. Valid Enterprise User ID and Password is must, to access the portal. Read further to know the steps to check Kroger eschedule online.

How to check Kroger eschedule?

  • Visit the official Kroger eschedule portal on your device
  • Enter the valid Enterprise User ID and Password in the empty box.
  • Once done, click on Agree Tab to login portal
  • Kindly, find the schedule option in (ess Kroger) menu list
  • Click on it to find Kroger eschedule
  • You will find a calendar format, click on the dates to gain schedule information.

Benefits to check Kroger eschedule!

Kroger employees can be aware of their assigned leaves so that they can plan accordingly. Associates can swap working days with their colleagues if needed. Not just the schedule but assigned tasks information can be gained by Kroger associates at ess Kroger (Greatpeople me) portal.

Moreover, Kroger associates can apply for urgent leaves from ess Kroger portal. Kroger eschedule is a great advantage for Kroger employees to stay updated with work schedules and tasks.


We’re glad to introduce the steps for Krogerfeedback eschedule, in this article. If you have any doubts or queries kindly, note them in the comment section. We will look into it!